All copper core motor

Stainless steel body

Integral shape design

High quality flange

Eight core technologies

Intelligent protection water free

It's strong enough to have a core

Ensure continuous operation

Less pressure on the motor, allowing Continuous operation of water pump


Inspection Report

Quality assurance

Wide range of application

Applicable to engineering water intake of various industries

Recommendation of related products

Common faults of water pump and troubleshooting
No or no water / less water
① The motor is not started, troubleshooting the circuit; ④ The filter network is blocked, and the blockage is removed;
② Pipeline blockage, remove the blockage; ⑤ Reverse the electric pump and change the phase sequence of the power line;
③ Pipeline rupture, repair welding or pipe replacement; ⑥ The sealing ring and impeller of pump housing are damaged, and new parts shall be replaced;
Motor does not start / buzzing
① One phase open circuit, repair the line; ③ There are foreign matters in the impeller, the pump body is stuck, and the foreign matters are removed;
② Bearing holding, repair or replacement; ④ Low voltage, adjust the voltage;
Severe vibration during unit operation
The connecting bolts are loose; the motor rotor is unbalanced; the pump impeller is unbalanced; the motor or pump shaft is bent; other faults, except that the bolts are loose and can be tightened, are sent to the manufacturer for treatment.