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Brief introduction of dry motor long shaft fire pump

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-25 10:47

XBD / gj-hrzl axial flow deep well fire pump (long shaft deep well fire pump, vertical axial flow deep well fire pump, XBC / gj-hrzl diesel engine deep well long shaft) produced by Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Fluid Technology Co., Ltd

Fire pump) is an axial flow deep well fire pump optimized on the basis of the original LC vertical long shaft pump. It is especially suitable for the fire water supply of workshops and workshops in industrial and mining enterprises. The performance and technical conditions of the pump meet the requirements of

GB6245-2006 "fire pump" standard requirements newly issued by the state. The products have been tested by the national fire equipment quality supervision and testing center, and passed the appraisal of new products in Shandong Province, and obtained the certification of fire products in Shandong Province

Certificate. According to cnca-c18-03: 2014 implementation rules of compulsory product certification fire extinguishing equipment products, cccf-mhsb-08 implementation rules of compulsory product certification fire extinguishing equipment products

Aquatic equipment products (I) are qualified. Fire inspection report has been obtained.

XBD / gj-hrzl series vertical axial flow deep well fire pump has unique advantages:

1. The advanced hydraulic model and structural design of American company are introduced. The Ashland process is adopted to know the core and epoxy coating of blade runner. The imported human-oriented bearing is used to reduce the bearing

It can withstand 120 ℃ high temperature, wear and tear, and the German Iger Bergman mechanical seal, durable, acid and alkali resistant, high efficiency and long service life;

2. Adopting the device of sand throwing ring, the labyrinth structure makes the sand particles unable to enter the bearing;

3. The stainless steel runner impeller of non welding integral casting is adopted, and the anti winding design is unblocked; the precision turning and fine grinding stainless steel pump shaft, the radial run out of the shaft is controlled within 0.13MM of the American Standard, and the pump runs flat

Stable, low noise;

4. QT450 ductile iron, HT250 and other stainless steel corrosion-resistant materials are selected to meet the user's various special operating conditions and technical requirements;

5. The product has high efficiency, the pump head is completely immersed in the liquid, and there is no self-priming time. When the pump is started, the water supply is pressurized synchronously;

6. The impeller of water pump can be directly started without bottom valve, water filling and shaft vacuum, which is very convenient and reliable;

7. Directly installed on the pool, only two support beams and channel steel beams can be fixed, without water absorption pipeline;

8. The maximum diving and water absorption height of the pump can reach about 10 meters, with vertical structure, small floor area and less capital investment.

9. The submerged length can be customized according to the depth of the pool, so as to ensure that the lowest water level can be pumped.

Structural characteristics

1. The bearing components of XBD / gj-hrzl series dry axial flow deep well fire pump adopt double rolling bearing structure. The long shaft fire pump produced by many manufacturers only contains one thrust bearing and the rotor of the pump is heavy

The amount and axial force are borne by it, and the radial force of the two pumps can not be well balanced, which often leads to large vibration, rapid bearing wear, easy loosening and leakage of packing gland and packing when the pump is running

Barrier. The XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump adds a deep groove ball bearing as the radial positioning of the whole rotor part above the original thrust bearing, so that the axial force and radial force are very good

The balance of the pump is more stable and reliable.

2. The series of axial flow deep well fire pump adopts the advanced and reasonable bearing lubrication mode - constant oil level gauge thin oil lubrication. The position of the interface between the bearing body and the oil level gauge is determined by calculation. As long as oil

If the level indicator has oil level display, it means that the oil level in the bearing body is constant at 1 / 2 of the thrust bearing ball to ensure good lubrication effect of the bearing oil. The deep groove ball bearing on the upper part of the bearing body relies on the rotation of the Journal

Turn (rectangular thread groove and radial oil rejection hole are designed in the shaft neck) to throw the oil onto the upper bearing rolling body to realize splash lubrication.

3. Modular design of general components of XBD / gj-hrzl axial flow deep well fire pump. The general components of the whole series are classified. At present, the main general components of nearly 80 specifications and models are: bearing components and packing

Components, guide bearing components, shafting and intermediate piping. Therefore, the universal interchangeability and quality of XBD / gj-hrzl axial flow deep well fire pump parts are greatly improved, the production cycle is shortened, and the product is reduced

Cost. At the same time, the original shafting is optimized. The length of the single shaft is not more than 2 meters, which makes the distribution of the guide bearing uniform and reduces the vibration of the pump.

4. XBD / gj-hrzl axial flow deep well fire pump shaft connection mode improvement design adopts sleeve type rigid coupling (including coupling sleeve and coupling). The inner hole of the coupling sleeve adopts a large and small head structure,

Easy to disassemble. The surface of the shaft section matched with the coupling sleeve is chrome plated to effectively prevent the engagement. For the two adjacent shaft sections, the lower section is provided with steps, and the upper section is provided with circlips. Fix the coupling sleeve to prevent the coupling sleeve and shaft from falling off

Falling, causing damage to the pump.

5. XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump's shaft contact (coupling and coupling sleeve) is designed at the upper end of each section of guide bearing frame, and the guide bearing can be installed from the upper and lower directions, so that at present

The guide bearing frame can be used as the support pad for assembly one by one in the field, so as to avoid the influence on the installation and maintenance of the long shaft fire pump due to the insufficient height of the plant.

6. The sliding guide bearing of XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump is made of new PFC and Theron polymer material, and its wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are far superior to those commonly used in the industry

Bearing material makes the pump run more stable and reliable, with longer service life. In addition, the guide bearing we used has almost no water expansion after soaking for 5 months, which is very suitable for the condition that the fire pump will not operate continuously for a long time

Use, greatly reducing the possibility of pump shaft locking.

7. The rotor of XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump is dynamically balanced, with the accuracy reaching the national standard level of g6.3, which is higher than the static balance requirements of general vertical pumps in the industry, and the pump vibration is very small.

8. The external pipe of XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump is changed from the internal stop to the external stop, and special tooling (mandrel) is used for one-time clamping processing to ensure the concentricity of the upper and lower stops and avoid the processing

The accumulation error of the two causes the eccentricity of the shaft and the guide bearing.

9. XBD / gj-hrzl series axial flow deep well fire pump usually has internal protection pipe (internal pipe). It is necessary to wash, lubricate and cool the guide bearing with clean water; if the pump is used to transport clean and normal temperature water, it can be used as per

According to the customer's requirements, the internal protection pipe shall be cancelled and the dry start mode shall be adopted.