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Daily maintenance of diesel engine water pump

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-25 10:05

Daily maintenance of diesel engine water pump


Inspection before start of diesel engine water pump:

1. Check whether the water level of diesel engine water pump tank is normal.

2. Contact with the electric power, check the insulation of the motor and send it to the power supply.

3. Check whether the bearing oil level is normal and whether the oil quality is qualified.

4. The flexibility of the disk depends on the rear wheel.

5. Check whether each instrument of diesel engine water pump is complete and whether the instrument cork is open.

6. The inlet valve of the pump is open, and the outlet valve is closed (with the recovery system to open the recovery correctly).

7. Open the drain valve of the diesel engine water pump, make the water flow out continuously, and close it (if there is no exhaust valve, you can check the air in the pump through the on-site pressure gauge). Local water pump remote control change-over switch.

2、 Start step:

1. Contact the central control room, start the water pump, check the following conditions: outlet pressure and current, normal vibration, no abnormal sound of water pump and motor.

2. Slowly open the outlet valve of diesel engine water pump, and pay attention to the change of pressure and current.

3. If the starting current is too large, and the indication of the ammeter cannot return to the position where the pump runs under no-load after starting, the pump shall be stopped and treated: if the two consecutive times of shutdown are unsuccessful, the start shall be stopped, and the start can only be started after the cause is found. 4. After starting, the no-load running time of the pump shall not exceed 2 to 3 minutes.

5. For the diesel engine water pump controlled by frequency conversion, the operating frequency of the diesel engine water pump shall be adjusted in time to meet the needs.

6. After checking the normal operation of the diesel engine water pump, contact the central control room to make it enter the interlocking state.

3、 Operation and maintenance:

1. Carefully monitor the current and pressure.

2. According to the flow, pressure, current and working conditions, adjust the motor frequency in time to meet the actual needs (the adjustment of condensate pump and feed pump shall be conducted through the combination of recycling and frequency converter). Tianjin pump maintenance.

3. Check the water pump bearing temperature, vibration and packaging temperature every hour, and do not exceed the specified value. The pump with oil chamber shall also check whether the oil level is normal and whether the oil quality is qualified (without emulsification and discoloration)

4. Pump vibration value: when the speed is lower than 3000r / min, it is qualified if it is ≤ 50um, 1500r / min or lower, and it is qualified if it is ≤ 80um.

4、 Stop the diesel engine water pump:

1. Disconnect the pump interlock.

2. Close the pump outlet valve.

3. Disconnect the operation switch.

4. When the pump needs to be disassembled for maintenance, the inlet and outlet doors shall be closed, the power supply shall be closed and warning signs shall be hung.

5、 Precautions:

1. Check the watertight seal valve and valve before starting the condensate pump. Check that the water seal water drop is normal during operation.

2. When the water pump is started, check whether the cooling water of the bearing is smooth and appropriate.

Vaporization of feed water pump:

1. The speed, outlet pressure and flow of the feed water pump decrease or shake.

2. White water flows out from the seal at both ends of the water pump.

Cause of feed water pump vaporization:

1. The feed filter of the feed water pump is blocked.

2. There is air or steam in the intake pipe of the water pump.

3. The water flow is too low, and the recovery door cannot be opened.

4. The water pump flow of diesel engine suddenly increases and the water level of deaerator drops.

Vaporization treatment of feed water pump:

1. Open enough regulating door of feed water pump for recycling.

2. Improve the water level and pressure of deaerator.

3. If the treatment is invalid, stop the pump immediately.

4. Before opening the door, open the water pump, so as to put an air valve.