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Instructions for use of diesel engine fire pump control cabi

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Instructions for use of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet:

(1) , overview

XBC diesel engine fire pump group control cabinet is the fire equipment produced by our company for many years to meet the actual needs of users and the requirements of modern fire technology. Adopt mature control technology and reliable component manufacturing. The system has the advantages of high technology content, high degree of automation, perfect performance and so on, all of which meet the relevant requirements of national standards.

The system is mainly used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, wharf, oil depot, power plant, liquefied gas station, inflammable and explosive materials warehouse.

(2) . installation environment of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

1. The control cabinet of diesel engine fire pump must be installed indoors.

2. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m.

3. The ambient temperature is at room temperature.

4. The relative humidity of air shall be 10-90% RH.

5. The installation inclination shall not exceed 5 degrees.

6. Places without corrosive gas, conductive dust and severe vibration.

(3) . structure of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

The overall dimension of the cabinet is 1700mm * 700mm * 400mm (h * w * d). The front of the cabinet is opened, and the cabinet is painted with camel grey paint, or the color is customized according to the user's needs.

(4) Main features of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

The control cabinet of diesel engine fire pump unit adopts the programmable controller of international advanced brand (produced by OMRON in Japan) as the main control device. The internal circuit is simple and small, with the advantages of operation monitoring, self diagnosis and extremely reliable operation. The power supply system of the cabinet can operate continuously for 10 hours after the market power supply is 220V.

(5) Main technical parameters of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

Power supply in cabinet: AC 220v5a50hz cabinet current: 3A

Control power supply: 24VDC cooling water temperature solenoid valve: 85 ° C

Cooling water high temperature alarm: 95 ℃ low oil pressure alarm: 0.20mpa

Overspeed alarm: rated speed × 120 & lt; garbage & gt; start fault alarm: three starts

(6) . working principle of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

Xbc9.6/50 diesel engine fire pump set automatic fire protection system is composed of automatic control cabinet, electric fire pump and diesel fire pump. Generally, the pipe network pressure is P1-P2. When the pressure is lower than P1, the stable pressure pump starts, and the pressure rises to P2, and the pressure pump stops. Because the pipe network leakage P2 slowly drops to P1, and the pressure pump starts again, the pressure pump is stabilized repeatedly to keep the pressure in P1-P2 unchanged. The pressure pump starts again and again. When the pressure is lower than P1, the pressure pump starts. When the pressure is lower than P1, the pressure pump stops. When the pressure rises to P2, the pressure pump stops. In case of fire, the water consumption of the pipe network increases, and the pressure of the pipe network above P1 cannot be maintained by the stabilized pressure pump, which drops rapidly to P0. When the control cabinet is connected to P0 signal or remote start signal, the electric fire pump set will start automatically. When the electric fire pump set fails, the control cabinet will automatically start the standby diesel fire pump set, accelerate automatically, monitor various signals at the same time, and have a variety of protection functions. To achieve the purpose of automatic fire fighting.

(7) The basic composition of the automatic control system of the diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

1. Central controller PLC (Omron)

2. Power supply system

3. Sensors and instruments

4. Throttle actuator

5. Other electrical components

(8) . main control functions of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

1. Startup: there are three startup modes (automatic, manual and machine side) for fire pump unit. When it is set to "manual", the operator can manually start the electric pump set and diesel pump set through the button on the machine or control cabinet panel; when it is set to "automatic" start mode, the control cabinet can start the corresponding pump set by pressing the start button in the monitoring room or automatically starting the electric pump. If necessary, it shall be grouped according to the change of pipe network pressure, when the electric pump unit fails. Or the diesel pump set starts automatically in case of power failure.

2. Stop: the fire pump can only be stopped on the control cabinet panel. Whether "local" or "remote", the stop button is effective.

3. Instrument indication: the control cabinet can display diesel engine speed and cooling water temperature. Record the running time of the diesel engine.

4. Signal light indication: the signal light on the panel of the control cabinet can indicate the operation status of the electric pump unit, the operation status of the diesel pump unit, remote / local position, etc., and send alarm indications for startup failure, overspeed failure, low lubricating oil pressure and high temperature of cooling water.

5. User standby signal interface: the user can connect the following signals to the monitoring room as required: start mode signal (automatic, manual), operation and integration fault signal.

6. Automatic start: when the control cabinet receives the start signal, it will quickly start the electric fire pump set. If the electric fire pump unit fails, the control cabinet will automatically start the standby diesel fire pump unit. In case of failure to start once (winter, low temperature or other faults), start three times every 10 seconds (adjustable) under the control of PLC. If it still cannot be started, an audible and visual alarm signal will be sent and the fault signal will be fed back to the plant fire control center to take remedial measures in case of emergency.

7. Automatic loading: when the diesel fire pump set is started, it will run at idle speed for about 10 seconds. According to the preset program, the oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, speed and other signals of the diesel fire pump set are monitored and its parameters are determined. The problem is to send out corresponding audible and visual alarm signals. If there is no problem, send instructions to the throttle actuator to automatically, continuously and smoothly load the diesel pump unit until the diesel pump unit is rated.

8. When the overspeed alarm diesel engine runs at high speed, due to the fault of the diesel engine itself (governor fault), when the speed reaches 120% of the rated speed, the engine speed will exceed the rated speed. The phenomenon of engine flying is very easy to occur. If we do not take measures in time, it will cause serious consequences of engine explosion. Our automatic control cabinet is equipped with speed display and console. The PLC high-speed counter of the automatic control cabinet detects the speed per second and displays the speed on the tachometer. When the speed reaches 120% of the rated speed, the automatic control cabinet will give an audible and visual alarm. At the same time, command the throttle actuator to reduce the speed, and turn on the stop device to ensure that the diesel engine stops in the shortest time to prevent the accident.

9. When the lubricating oil pressure is lower than 0.20mpa, the automatic control cabinet will give an audible and visual alarm, reduce the speed through the throttle actuator, and then open the engine stop device to stop the diesel engine in the shortest time, and the diesel engine will not be damaged.

10. Cooling water temperature control is equipped with cooling water temperature display and control instruments. The instrument is equipped with PLC and solenoid valve installed on the cooling circulating water pipe of diesel fire pump unit to form a complete cooling water system. When the temperature of the engine cooling water is 85 ℃, the cooling water solenoid valve opens, and the flow of the cooling water increases, so as to rapidly cool the temperature. When the temperature of cooling water is 70 ℃, when the temperature of cooling water exceeds 95 ℃, the solenoid valve of cooling water is closed. , indicating that the cooling water circulation system is in fault, and the automatic control cabinet will give an audible and visual alarm to avoid engine opening.

11. Cumulative running time: when the diesel engine starts to run, the timer on the operation panel of the automatic control cabinet starts to run. The running time is of guiding significance to the maintenance of the engine (see the instructions for the use of the diesel engine for details). Look at the fatigue timer to determine if and to what extent the engine should be maintained.

(9) On line debugging and operation instructions of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

1. Connect the signal line and control line in the junction box of diesel fire pump set with the corresponding terminals in the automatic control cabinet.

2. Check before the automatic control cabinet is put into operation

A: Check whether the power supply is in good condition. (input: AC220V50HZ output: DC24V)

b: Check the opening and closing positions of the throttle actuator. In the stop state, when the valve is at full speed, open the throttle (directly observe the position of the switch position, or observe the output address light corresponding to PLC), and then reduce the throttle to the idle speed of the engine. The throttle should be on. (check method and throttle on)

C: Check whether the installation of the tachometer is accurate. The distance between the sensor and the tachometer should be between 2-5mm. The diesel engine should be on. The input window 0000 of PLC should have a signal. The tachometer should be displayed in numerical value.

3. Place the automatic control cabinet under the condition of "manual"

A: Test alarm press the "test" button on the control cabinet operation panel. Each alarm indicator (all yellow lights) shall be illuminated and a harsh alarm shall sound. The mute switch can be used to mute the sound. After the test, press the reset button to reset.

B: If the test fails to start for three times, disconnect the engine starting connection, press the "start" button on the operation panel of the automatic control cabinet, the corresponding window light of PLC starting output will be on for 5 seconds, off for 10 seconds, and then open for three times. After completion, the idle speed signal fails to reach the start fault audible and visual alarm.

C: Simulation idle start and throttling test press "start" button, use short connection method to shorten PLC to simulate idle input. At this time, there should be no three starts. Then test and lower the throttle. The throttle is at the highest position. The engine shall be fully loaded and then tested to lower the throttle. Is the engine running in idle assembly when the throttle is in the lowest position.

D: When the test stops the engine, first reduce the throttle to the lowest position, and then press the stop button. The stop electromagnet should be able to pull in quickly and stop within 10 seconds.

4. Place automatic control cabinet in "automatic" working state

A: Start the engine. When the speed reaches idle speed, the valve shall be added automatically. The parameters of the engine shall be within the specified range.

B: Open any fire hydrant and slowly discharge the pipe network pressure. When the pressure drops to P0, the diesel engine shall be able to start immediately and load to the rated state automatically. The engine parameters shall be within the specified range.

C: Start the diesel engine in the fire control center, and the diesel engine shall be able to reach the rated state within the specified time.

(10) Precautions for diesel engine fire pump control cabinet

1. The operator should read this manual carefully so as to grasp the use method correctly.

2. The temperature of the fire pump room shall be kept above 0 ℃, otherwise the shell of the water pump and the diesel engine will be frozen.

3. The fault maintenance of the control cabinet shall be carried out by electricians who have received professional training and are skilled in technology. The electrical drawings provided by the factory are the only basis for maintenance.

4. The pump set shall be started once a week for 30 minutes.

5. Each time the pump unit works, it shall frequently observe its operation condition and record the operation speed, pressure, temperature and other data.

6. Within 12 months from the date of delivery, the control cabinet cannot work normally due to the quality problems of internal parts.

During use, the manufacturer will provide free service.

7. Due to the special importance of fire protection, full-time personnel must arrive at the pump room as soon as possible to monitor the operation of the system.

8. The automatic device cannot improve the original mechanical performance of the diesel engine. It still needs to be used and maintained in accordance with regulations, which cannot be ignored.

9. The accumulated hour counter of diesel engine operation is used as a reference for maintenance. Built in lithium battery, please replace it when the number becomes light