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Maintenance plan of diesel engine water pump pipeline

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-24 09:58

Maintenance plan of diesel engine water pump pipeline

1、 Method of removing and installing mechanical seal:

1. Prepare the table (floor) and disassembly tools for placing the diesel engine water pump parts, and do not use them at will to avoid touching the pump parts.

2. Before removing the diesel engine water pump, confirm that the motor is in the inspection state, screw down the oil filling plug, and use a suction pipe to suck out the lubricating oil in the sealing cavity.

3. Remove the split coupling of the diesel engine water pump, first tighten the fixed socket head cap screw of the coupling, and gently pull the coupling half off the shaft (be careful not to fall off). Tighten the lifting bolt and stop of the pump shaft with a ring wrench, let the impeller slowly sink onto the pump body, remove the other half of the coupling, and remove the pump shaft retaining ring.

4. Remove the seal seat of the diesel engine water pump: unscrew the pressure nut of the seal seat, gently remove the seal seat (Note: do not break the rubber oil seal on the seat) and clean it.

5. After loosening the bearing pedestal slightly, lift the bearing pedestal up along the pump axis with the removal bolt and remove it: clean and dry the bearing with jet fuel, and then lubricate it with machine 20.

6. Remove the mechanical seal of diesel engine water pump: hold the seal spring tightly and lift it onto the pump shaft, you can remove it.

7. Unloading and sealing configuration: apply a layer of clean 20 lubricating oil in the moving and static environment: the guide bearing seat is coated with lubricating oil, first put the static ring gently into the guide bearing seat; Then wipe the lubricating oil of the pump shaft, insert the movable ring part of the mechanical seal into the pump shaft gently, and push the seal ring gently by hand so that it can be bent and retracted (pay attention to the anti rotation part of the movement) and the fixed ring parts shall be assembled in place).

8. Seal seat: first install rubber oil seal on the seal, then install the seal into the pump cover and press it on the bearing seat, and tighten the nut.

9. Install the coupling: first install the baffle ring on the motor shaft head and half coupling, then install the baffle plate on the pump shaft end and coupling groove, tighten the bolt with the ring wrench (lift the pump shaft 3-5mm, provide the mechanical seal prestress); then install the hex screw on the other half of the coupling, which must be tightened. The installation and inspection requirements of the coupling are correct: the upper and lower clearance of the split coupling is uniform; the rotation of the multi turn manual coupling is flexible.

2、 Move and replace the motor bearing of diesel engine water pump

1. Remove all bolts on the front cover and rear cover of the motor.

2. Remove the forebay or deep bay.

3. Pull the rotor and other end covers out of the stator

4. Remove the remaining end cover

5. Remove the bearing that needs to be replaced with uncoupling (some bearings are loose and do not need uncoupling)

6. Heat the new bearing to about 100 degrees, and heat it to the original position (if it can be installed without heating, heating is not required)

7. Assemble the motor according to the reverse step of 1234.

8. The power supply is in trial operation, the sound is normal, the current is normal, and the diesel pump is not stuck.