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What are the requirements of diesel engine water pump biddin

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-24 10:01

What are the requirements of diesel engine water pump bidding technology? Four

Technical requirements for diesel engine water pump

General description:

The manufacturer participating in the bidding must ensure that all the pumps provided are the latest products, and it is strictly prohibited to use the obsolete products. It must meet the use requirements of flow and lift. After the contract is signed, the bid winner needs to confirm the technical parameters and quantity provided twice. The number of pumps in the table is for bidding purposes only and is not the final basis.

Executive standard

All design, materials, equipment manufacturing process, quality control and product inspection and acceptance of water supply pump shall meet the requirements of current national standards and specifications as well as relevant enterprise standards.

The design, manufacturing, inspection and acceptance standards of the product are as follows:

Scope of supply and description

1. Diesel engine water pump body, supporting electrical equipment, anchor bolts, cushions, horns, etc

2. The pump has drainage and degassing devices.

3. Provide equipment foundation and secondary design for tank type over-voltage frequency conversion and obtain design approval.

technical requirement

1. The feed pump can operate continuously for a long time under the parameters provided in the previous table, and can be used as the design point of the pump, and can meet the water supply requirements under different operating conditions at the same time. The supplier also guarantees that the feed pump technology is advanced, economical and reasonable.

2. Beijing tap water non negative pressure frequency conversion equipment access permit.

3. Carry out dynamic and static balance tests on the pump rotor and its main rotating parts. The accuracy shall not be lower than gb9239. Measure the pump vibration without cavitation operation. The vibration value of bearing meets the requirements of JB / t8097..

4. The pump housing is provided with an exhaust hole and a drain hole, which can be closed. The pump body is provided with maintenance lifting eyes or manholes. Wear rings shall be provided in necessary parts such as impellers and casings.

5. Water pump bearing shall be equipped with bearing temperature detector.

6. It has been proved that the seal at the shaft end of the feed pump has excellent performance, safety and reliability. The seal has auxiliary facilities for flushing the cooling surface and sealing surface to ensure the service life of the seal.

7. The submersible pump is equipped with automatic liquid level control, two submersible pumps work alternately and are standby for each other, with functions of high water level start pump, low water level stop pump, alarm, etc.

8. The cable attached to the submersible sewage pump shall not be less than 6m. In special cases, the professional opinions of electrical engineering should be respected.

9. Submersible sewage pumps for use in public toilets and kitchens shall be self agitated and equipped with square washing, tearing and cutting devices.

10. The control box required for the sewage pump shall be marked with the source of electrical components and shall have the function of manual and automatic conversion.

11.91sb4/1 is used for installation of submersible sewage pump. Due to the use of coupling, it is recommended that the manufacturer measure the length of sliding block on site.

12. For fire protection, the spray pump adopts horizontal variable pump, and the pump and motor are directly mechanically sealed, with constant flow range (fluctuation range of 5%). Y2 series motor is adopted.

13. Noise control standard: in accordance with the relevant provisions of JB / t8098, "the noise of the outer wall of the pump is 1 m from the ground (pump height + 1), and the noise is not more than 85dB (a).".

14. Guide on-site installation.

15. Ensure that the electrical accessories and frequency converter used are first-line and second-line products, such as abb, Schneider, etc., and list the electrical components, electrical production area and frequency converter used for water pump and sewage pump in detail in the quotation.