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What are the requirements of diesel engine water pump biddin

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-24 10:13

What are the requirements of diesel engine water pump bidding technology? Two

Supply cycle

The bidder shall provide specific commitment of equipment supply cycle (calendar day) when bidding. The supply period required by the bidder shall last until the goods arrive at the site, so that the bidder can receive the equipment purchase order (fax, email, etc.) issued by the bidder.

Materials submitted for review (to be provided during bidding)

1. Provide detailed product technical parameters, including but not limited to product model, interface diameter, installation size, rated operation parameters, electrical data, sealing type, material and source brand information of main components, etc.

2. In order to provide relevant construction drawings, the construction drawings shall clearly express the connection requirements of relevant pipelines, large samples of anti-seismic installation and requirements of relevant civil engineering cooperation.

3. Submit the characteristic curve and commissioning report provided by the factory to show the total power consumption of the pump under the specified working conditions, as well as the pump head and water flow.

4. The pressure head of the pump shall be calculated according to the flow resistance caused by the pipe network and valve fittings of the provided system. Relevant calculation shall be submitted to the owner for review.

5. Submit the configuration list of pump control cabinet to express the configuration and brand of control cabinet components in detail.

6. Submit detailed mechanical calculation sheet and relevant technical data of pump unit structure foundation.

7. Provide product instructions, assembly drawings, lubrication instructions and replacement parts lists, installation operation and maintenance manuals, detailed procedures and specifications for operation and maintenance, etc.

8. Provide pump spare parts list recommended and required by pump manufacturer.

9. All information must be stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer.

technical requirement

1. overview:

(1) The pump used by the tenderee shall be provided in accordance with the drawings or equipment schedule, and the flow and pressure head of the pump shall meet the parameters specified in the equipment schedule.

(2) The characteristic curve of the pump shall be a continuous rising characteristic curve from maximum load to zero load. The closing head shall be about 20% higher than the design head. The pumps shall be operated near the highest efficiency point and shall be allowed to operate within 25% of the design flow without exceeding the point of failure. The difference between the maximum design impeller diameter and the minimum design impeller diameter of each pump shall not exceed 10%. Pumps must be asbestos free.

(3) Each pump shall be equipped with a motor with sufficient load to ensure normal operation of the pump throughout its operating range without overload. The motor shall meet the secondary energy efficiency.

(4) Dynamically and statically balance rotating parts in accordance with iso-1940-g2.5.

(5) Finish coat: the pump shall be cleaned before packaging, and at least one layer of high-quality mechanical special paint shall be applied. The pump interface is connected by flange.

(6) All pump sets including motor and drive shaft shall be assembled by the same manufacturer with guarantee and commissioning report certificate from the original factory.

(7) Each pump shall be provided in a complete set of pumps and corresponding control boxes, which shall include but not limited to the following functions: automatic control, manual control, fault protection and alarm, local / remote control and standby Ba connection.

(8) The design, manufacture and test of the pump shall meet but not limited to the following relevant standards and specifications:

U measurement method of water pump flow GB / t3214-91

U acceptance test for hydraulic performance of rotary power pump class 1 and 2 (GB / t3216-2005)

U technical conditions for centrifugal pumps class II GB / t5656-95

U technical conditions for centrifugal pumps class III GB / t5657-95

U efficiency of centrifugal pump GB / t13007-91

U NPSH of centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump and axial flow pump GB / t13006-91

U technical specification for painting of pump products JB / t4297-92

U test method for three phase asynchronous motor gb1032-2005

U noise measurement methods and limits for rotating electrical machines gb10069.3-2008

U technical specification for hot water centrifugal pump JB / t5414-1991

U test methods for centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump GB / t3216-1989

U measurement and evaluation method of pump vibration GB / t29529-2013

U grey iron castings GB / t9439-88

U gray iron castings for pumps JB / t6880.1-2013

U "Ductile Iron Castings" GB / t1348-88

U carbon steel castings for general engineering GB / t11352-89

The imported pump shall meet the latest version of international or country of origin standards and be translated into Chinese.

(9) The pump shall have the characteristics of high energy saving efficiency (working efficiency over 80 tons, efficiency within the operation range shall meet the latest standards at home and abroad or in the industry), safety and stability, low noise, and easy maintenance. The tenderee shall express it in data, words or graphics.

2. Diesel pump centrifugal pump:

(1) Casing and cover:

The pump casing, pump cover and seal chamber shall be made of nodular cast iron, the flow passage shall be smooth, and the test pressure of the pump casing shall not be less than 1.5 times of the working pressure. Pump casing and pump casing support feet shall be cast as a whole.

(2) Impeller:

The impeller material is stainless steel 304, which should be used for a long time and have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and should be reliably fixed on the shaft to prevent axial and radial movement. The impeller of the pump must undergo static and dynamic balance tests, and its balance accuracy shall meet the relevant accuracy requirements.

(3) Spindle and sleeve:

The spindle shall be made of high-quality stainless steel with 12-13% chromium, with sufficient mechanical strength, rigidity and fatigue strength. Maximum surface roughness: under bushing, bushing and bearing, 25 microns, according to corresponding standards. The pump manufacturer is responsible for the design and manufacture of the connection between the pump shaft and the motor to ensure the accuracy of the fit. The spindle surface corresponding to the spindle seal shall be provided with hardened stainless steel bushing. The bushing shall be replaceable and firmly fixed to the shaft to prevent fluid leakage between the shaft and the bushing. Maximum torsion deviation: 0.002rad. Longitudinal: the length of the shaft is 1 micron per millimeter.

(4) Sealing ring:

For the sliding parts of impeller and pump casing, replaceable sealing ring shall be installed. The sealing ring shall be reliably fixed on the pump body or impeller, and the sealing clearance of the sealing ring shall be small and uniform. The sealing ring shall be made of bronze with good cavitation resistance and wear resistance and conform to gb1176 standard.

(5) Bearing:

Pump bearings shall be made of materials with good wear and lubrication properties. The service life of the bearing shall exceed 100000 hours.

The bearings shall be lubricated by lithium grease sealed rolling bearings. The upper part of the bearing cover is detachable and provided with an overflow hole to prevent excessive lubricating oil. Bearings must be properly lubricated and packed with high quality lubricating oil before leaving the factory to protect them from damage.

(6) Spindle seal:

The shaft seal shall be mechanical seal, which shall be able to bear the pressure head required by the relevant pump, and the service life shall be more than 50000 hours. The dynamic ring and static ring shall be made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant non brittle materials. The wear ring between the pump casing and impeller shall be effectively sealed and fastened for easy removal and replacement.

(7) Pump base: the pump base shall be made of gray cast iron or welding formed steel.

(8) Coupling:

The impeller shall be maintained and disassembled by elastic pin coupling without affecting the installation of the motor. The coupling shall be provided with a protective cover covering all rotating parts of the coupling. The pump and motor are directly connected by elastic coupling.

(9) Hair sleeve: the hair sleeve shall be longer than the whole length of the sealed shell

(10) Lubricating oil ring: install the water containing lubricating oil ring on the shaft.

(11) Provide grease lubrication. Seal the bearing to prevent dust and moisture from entering. Use lip seal. Provide grease lubricated fittings.

(12) Pump casing drainage: provide molded perforated and internal thread drainage at the sealed drip well. The pump shall have a complete drip collector under the gland and connected to the nearest drain and a drain valve with a drain valve at the lowest point of the casing.

(13) Gasket: provide gasket or O-ring or both, which shall be compatible with the pumped liquid and suitable to prevent the liquid from contacting the shell accessories.

(14) Performance:

A the pump curve shall continue to rise from the maximum flow to the closing point, and the closing pressure shall be about 20 ° higher than the system design pressure.

B pumps close to the best efficiency shall be selected.

Type C pumps shall be capable of operating more than 20% of their design flow.

D pump NPSH shall be capable of operating at 120% of the most efficient operating point.

The efficiency of the electric pump shall be broadband.

(15) The lower half of the diesel pump foot and casing are integrally cast so that the received thrust can be transmitted to the base.

(16) Others

The service life of the pump is not only due to the sufficient strength and rigidity of the diesel pump, but also due to various normal operation and abnormal conditions, such as normal start-up and shut-down when the valve is closed; pressure water backflow.