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How to arrange and install well diesel engine water pump 2

Article provenance:Hai Rui ZhonglianPopularity:Publication time:2020-03-24 10:18

How to arrange and install well diesel engine water pump 2

Gravel filling

When backfilling the filter material, the filter material shall be cleaned 1-2.5mm according to the specification requirements. Before putting the filter material into the well, check whether the well pipe is aligned and fixed firmly, and the mud specific gravity in the well is controlled at about 1.05. Put filter material around the well pipe slowly and evenly to avoid the impact of well pipe and pipe deviation. In order to avoid the segregation of large particles and small particles, the filling must be completed at one time. External sealing and backfilling shall be carried out at the same time, and clay shall be evenly paved around the well pipe for sealing according to the design requirements.

(1) The gravel filling must be in strict accordance with the technical safety operation procedures to ensure the gravel filling quality, so that the water delivery, water supply quality and service life of the tube well can meet the requirements.

(2) Fill in method

According to the characteristics of geological structure, the rapid gravel filling method is adopted, which should not be too fast at the initial stage of gravel filling, and should be continuous and uniform. After encountering water, the gravel filling speed should be accelerated.

External well closure

The main results are as follows:

(1) According to the well column diagram, the size and quantity of clay required for plugging well pipe are calculated correctly, and a certain amount of residual soil is prepared.

(2) The wellhead is usually closed with clay. Before shutting down, large pieces of clay are cut up, then filled into the wellhead and compacted. In special cases, the concrete is closed.

Well washing

After the installation of diesel pump well pipe, the mud, fine sand and mud in the well shall be cleaned in time to ensure the normal water production in the well. Air compressor and high-power submersible pump are adopted for well flushing, which is flexible and has ideal well flushing effect. During continuous operation, the corresponding records shall be carefully observed and recorded. If abnormal phenomena such as serious sand field and obvious change of water yield are found, reasons shall be analyzed, scientific judgment shall be made, and corresponding remedial measures shall be taken to avoid accidents.

Construction requirements

Installation of drilling platform and auxiliary equipment. It must be solid, stable and easy to operate; the rotary drilling wheel must be horizontal, and the car center, rotary table and wellbore must be on the conductor; the volume of mud tank and sand tank in the mud circulation system must meet the construction requirements.

Rig construction. In the process of drilling operation, timely sampling and formation logging shall be done well. When drilling is stopped, the drilling tool shall be raised to the safe well section position. The mud in the well shall be recycled or stirred regularly to make up for mud leakage at any time. Please note the following:

(1) Feeding is even and feeding pressure is stable;

(2) When the drilling depth is not more than 25 mm, the slow drilling and small pump must be pressed lightly to drill holes, and the hose shall be pulled by the rope to keep the lead of the active drill pipe straight;

(3) When drilling, hole position deviation must be checked at any time.

(4) Rotary drilling,. After each drill pipe, the drilling shall be carried out and must reach the drilling tool to prevent the drilling from being blocked, and the drilling shall be stopped for 5-10 minutes.

(5) In case of insufficient sludge discharge and pressure, stop the inspection and repair of the pump.

(6) When the pump stops working for 1 day, at least 1-3 drill pipe shall be put forward, and the rest of the drill pipe shall be rotated at any time. When the time is long, all of them should be put forward;

(7) When the well pipe descends, the well bore, well pipe and down pipe equipment shall be inspected carefully. The hole shall be round and vertical, with an inclination of no more than 1.5 degrees; the depth of the shaft shall meet the design requirements, with a deviation of no more than 20cm.

Selection of flushing medium. According to hydrogeological conditions, construction conditions and other factors, it is reasonable to choose. Generally, in clay or stable stratum, clear water is used; in loose and broken stratum, mud is used; in serious leakage stratum or water shortage stratum, air drill is used.

Pipe wall protection. When drilling, hydraulic pressure or mud wall shall be adopted according to drilling equipment and formation lithology. Loose cover and broken layer on the top of bedrock shall be selected. When using hydraulic protection, the head pressure is generally more than 3m; when using mud wall, the mud surface in the hole shall not be less than 0.5m.

Shaft installation. The well pipe material of the motor well should be selected according to the formation lithology and the situation of the well bore. In this project, the shaft is designed as a concrete pipe. The installation methods of well pipe are: hanging pipe method, coil pipe method and multistage pipe method. The well pipe connection shall be straight and tight, and the joint strength shall meet the requirements of pipe laying safety and well completion quality. The bottom of the shaft should generally be on a solid foundation. If the lower section is abandoned, it must be filled with pebbles or gravel. After the completion pipe is installed, gravel packing and external sealing shall be carried out for the pipe first, followed by well flushing and well test pumping.

Filter structure. It can meet the following requirements: enough strength, enough entrance area, effectively prevent sand blasting, avoid filling and anti-corrosion.

Well flushing and pumping test. Well flushing must be carried out in time. Well washing methods should be selected according to aquifer characteristics, tube well structure, tube well strength and other factors. It is suggested to use two or more well washing methods in combination.

When the strength of well pipe (such as loose layer) is allowed, the piston and compressed air should be selected to wash the well together.

When the mud skin is not easy to be removed, it is recommended to use chemical well washing and other methods to clean the mud wall pipe well.